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Forum/Thread Games / Re: Screenshot Battle!
« Last post by Krudda on Today at 11:41:14 am »
Gaming / Re: Mass Effect 4: Andromeda. Release date: March 21, 2017
« Last post by blackhole on Today at 11:38:54 am »
I don't think they would send anyone like that to Andromeda.
And that should keep you in good shape, I hear you like your ass so move it XD

I think Dr. Slump could do well, but Kochikame's humor is uniquely Japanese, so that particular series would have trouble here.

With all due respect, i think you are wrong.

Some episodes of Kochikame were aired in my country sometime ago, in our regional language.

And it is total humor... a lil bit informative rarely.. ...But never felt anything particularly japanese
Gaming / Re: Mass Effect 4: Andromeda. Release date: March 21, 2017
« Last post by Tiffanys on Today at 10:33:00 am »
On PC mine was located here: G:\Game Install\Origin Games\Mass Effect Andromeda\Bonus\Soundtrack
The game is a lot more fun by the time you leave the Nexus and head to your first planet. You get some more interesting companions too.
Are the later parts of teh game animation-fucked-up-and-deadfish-convos free ?
I dunno, I haven't really been paying much attention to it. Kinda get used to it, like playing a MMO where it's just to be expected.

Some are pretty good though, like the first time you meet the Asarsi with the stripe across her face.

To me it's basically ignorable after the first time you get off the Nexus. I just avoid talking to Liam who talks way too quietly and mumbles or something in a fake British accent, and Miss "I'M-AN-ASARI-COMMANDO" human girl who literally never stops bringing it up.

edit: For me, the biggest annoyance is whoever decided it would be a good idea to make the main character climb up and down a ladder for a good 3-5 seconds every time they wanted to go anywhere other than the bridge/research. Which pretty much means if you want to talk to anyone or check your emails you gotta use that stupid ass ladder. Just think of poor Joker. Ship definitely wasn't designed for people with special needs.
Technology / Re: [Suggestion] Help suggesting Malaysian Samsung Phone
« Last post by Clannad_92 on Today at 10:23:49 am »
right, galaxy s5 and note 4 is the last removable battery

now, i need to know which model is more "profitable". because example;

model note 4 a; have 4glte
model note 4 b; only wcdma (dunno spelling)

correct me if im mistaken in those matter
@Clannad: The market everywhere is dominated by Samsung, yes. But there are also other good phones as well. Of course, your preference matters as well.
Need Help? Ask Here / Re: Āµtorrent, site doesn update my stats
« Last post by xarvi on Today at 10:07:10 am »
Yeah but it didnt update for a long time, i saw just now that it actually updated but i guess its not real time. I did update the key and apparently that did it.
so far watched 36th chamber of the shaolin, the fights were good, and the training segment was cool, but I couldnt get past the nonexistent plot and the omfg bad sound effects, every time a sword clashed made me cringe...was alright overall.

Just finished watching the man from nowhere, liked it quite a lot, reminded me of john wick (which is a good thing), that boss fight scene and the finisher for the last guy, so much win.

Probably gonna watch bunraku next, couldnt find a lot of the others, will hafta find a better tracker for foreign films

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
I remember watching IP man a few years ago, don't remember it very well, at the time I didnt think it was good enough to check out the sequels (might anyways though)

The swordsman sounds pretty cool, so I'll give it a shot if I can find it

and any more recs are always welcome
Need Help? Ask Here / Re: My country block bakabt tracker
« Last post by tralala on Today at 08:04:54 am »
I remember changing the tracker to the tracker's IP address instead of

wow ... care to explain how to do it?
On the torrent queue, right click a bakabt torrent and click Properties.
Replace that with under the trackers text box.

I'm not sure if it'll work, though.
OMG ... I don't believe it  :mml:

It running again right away after I change with

WOWW thanks a lot pal
you made my day  :mml:
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