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Rule #1
This helps people with similar questions to find threads where those questions have been previously answered.

Rule #2
If you're simply after shows that fit in a certain category, a search at AniDB is usually in order. Try that before asking for advice here; that way, you can have an idea of what to expect.

Rule #3
Give as much information as you can as to what you're after.
Tell us what you've seen already and whether or not you liked it. Just telling us you want anime of X genre will not help.
If your interest was piqued by any of your AniDB search results, mention it.

Rule #4
Give as much information (use spoiler tags if you need to) on why you like/dislike a particular series you used as an example. "Good" and "Bad" shows are easily subjective, so it helps to give us a better idea of what kind of elements you like/dislike.

Rule #5
Tell us what you have already watched. We don't want to recommend stuff just to have the reply, "Already seen it."

Rule #6
No hentai identification/recommendation threads allowed here.
If you need hentai recommendations/identifications use this board instead.

Note on Image Identifications
Please try using a Reverse Image Searcher/Identifier before posting a new thread about the image(s).
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