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** Read this first! **
« on: September 17, 2010, 02:42:51 pm »
Welcome to the First BakaBT Ever Mahjong Tournament!

The idea of having more community-wide events has been floating around my head for a long time now. Upon a suggestion on IRC and a whim, we now have this tournament! BBT Idol was our flagship in testing community competitions, and I personally think that was only half of a success. Hopefully our newest battleship, BBTS (BakaBT Ship) Mahjong, will complete her mission without any hitches!

I'm sure you guys can all see that there's now a new subforum called Competitions & Events. I'm also sure that you realize what this implies! That's right, this may not be the last one! Depending on interest and participation, we may organize more competitions complete with prizes! Speaking of prizes, we have some prizes for this tournament too! They range from user titles to bonus points (lots of them!).

As the announcement said, we would like to see as many people participating in this event as possible. This also includes people who have never touched a mahjong tile before! To facilitate people who are new to mahjong or new to Riichi mahjong, I've personally typed up an extensive guide covering the rules and key points of Japanese Riichi Mahjong. You can find it here: Japanese Riichi Mahjong Rules

For the purpose of this tournament, we decided to use an online mahjong interface known already to many online mahjong players. The service is called Tenhou and can be accessed at For those who have never used Tenhou before, we also crafted a guide to introduce it to players: Tenhou Usage Guide

A set of rules that we've implemented for this tournament can also be found here: Tournament Rules. Remember that these rules may change during the tournament!

Finally, if you think you're ready and want to jump onboard our ship, you can sign up for the competition here!

For this competition, Arveene, Mirgond and myself will be moderating the event and this forum. We hope that you enjoy the event!
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