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Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince
« on: October 12, 2015, 06:51:37 pm »
So, there are 2 1080p releases (counting ours), 1 720p release and 3 480p releases from BDs/DVDs, hence the comparison.

First of all, quality-wise it probably doesn't warrant replacing the TV offer by Commie currently on the site, however all above mentioned releases are dual audio and would occupy a different slot anyway. Also some episodes have extra material (first episode split-screen launch sequence is instead shown in sucessive full screen launches)

I'll focus on the 1080p BDs right now (and include our upscaled 720p BDs):

These show different scenes from the first episode, though no subs yet (because I haven't set up Avspmod to do that yet and because our files (lololitas-kantori) are not muxed yet). I'd say overall quality wise they are about the same, though Dogio does have a much smaller filesize (and some slight banding seen in the first image if I'm not mistaken). The problems with Dogio's release is though, that while he included Sentai's .sup subs for the japanese tracks, he did not include a Signs/Op/ED track. In for example episode 7 this means that an entire scene in Alien language is left untranslated in the english version (and some one lines before that as well). In some episodes the aliens were voiced in english though, so it's not a giant problem.

Another problem with the .sup subs is that during insert songs, the standard bright yellow will turn to green, at least in my current mpc-hc setup, and is difficult to read. kantori has been working on typesetting proper softsubs for everything and is currently up to episode 21. he also did the remaining episodes, but those need QC.

I'm using 16 bit flac for the 1080p as audio, whereas DHD is using AAC. I'll list the file bitrates below. The bigger question is whehter this series is even worth a 1080p and I'm not really good at making that judgement. There are minor improvements over the 720p, but I'm not entirely convinced. Same for the flac vs. AAC. While I really like the opening, it's not reall worth having 220 MB extra in audiofiles only. I'm willing to take suggestions before I start muxing the files

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

As for 480p there is ours, E-D and AB-remux, but I'll have to grab those first. Note that we are usinga downscaled BD rip, whereas E-D and AB used DVDs as their source.

PS: I know that dmonhiro is also working on a BD release, though I don't know how long he'll take. He had those 4 eps done before my summer vacation (sometime in June), and had his own issues to deal with. Nothing to compare until now though

Also if you want episode 1 to compare it for yourselves I can mux that one quickly and put it on mega or something

Edit: I'm having trouble getting the .sup properly handled by avspmod. It half works, and half doesnt. Trying to do it with madvr+mpc-hc also results in horrible subs: 1 2. My setup is probably to blame here.

It is, VLC does not show the problems and shows the lines that avspmod with SupTitle eats away.

edit2: Updated with subtitled pics from episodes 1 and 2(last 4 pics are from 2). I'll finish up the 720p and offer those, but I'd like someones opinion on whether this series warrants the 1080p.

So, the intro for the 480p comparison. We have 3 entries for this category, AB-remux, E-D and ours (for now tagged lololitas-kantori). First of all, there is no clear decision factor as there was in the 1080p/720p category. All are dual audio and have both necessary subtracks. E-D has cut away the english credits, however still managed to end up with the largest filesize and what appears to be the worst quality (and apparently framerate issues according to Avspmod, I didn't notice anything while watching a minute). The subs all appear to be based on the Sentai subs. All releases are 8bit, the remux and E-D claim the DVD as a source, we downscaled the BD.

Episodes 1 comparison

AB-remux: 208MB, imagesubs Sentai, Audio1+2: AAC 160Kbps
E-D: 419MB, .ass softsubs + imagesubs, Audio1: AC3-224Kbps, Audio2: AC3-224Kbps
l-k: ~363MB + Softsubs (edited Sentai + Commie), Audio1+Audio2: Same as the 720p


From the comparison, I'd say E-D is definetely out of the running. Larger than my files at worse quality than AB-remux (see space pictures for the worst) and an apparently higher framerate should suffice as reasoning, whittling down the options to the AB-remux and ours, now quality-wise, AB is fairly close to l-k (except for some banding again in space scenes), a little blur resulting in a loss of detail. As for the subs, I couldn't load ABs subs in Avspmod. They are essentially the same as DHD just downscaled and they also included the track for the signs/alien language/OP/ED. If necessary I'll take a few screenshots with MPC/VLC (whatever works, the .sup where not properly displayable in my mpc-hc config)

I also believe the remuxes are not generally accepted on BBT, if AB-remux is ok, the question is whether the additional detail (and maybe better audio) warrant almost twice the filesize. Since BBT usually goes for quality (and remuxes are discouraged) I'll offer our version for now.
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