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Fate Stay/Night: Unlimeted Blade Works BD
« on: November 01, 2015, 06:37:33 am »
I'm thinking of offering this. However I wanted some input of what to use when I offer. Season one has a million BD makes. I'm thinking of going with UTW as I've been told it's the best for this series. So my main concern is Season two since UTW is no longer active and thus unlikely to Release the second season as Blue-Ray. So after poking about I've found two English language Releases for season two. They both include season one. I've thrown up a comparison for the two. I also compared Their season ones with the UTW BD release for this reason.

Season one. Please not the UTW screenshots are a bit off from the other two for some reason. Its only super noticeable on the first 4 of them since somehow they don't match at all!

Season two Sans UTW (Since they haven't done it yet)

Xrip is 38 GB in total size while jsum is 50gb+ for both seasons together.  :unsure:
Honestly I can't tell them apart visually so the file size may be the only difference.
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