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Album of the Year 2015
« on: December 24, 2015, 09:29:37 pm »
Top albums of 2015, I have a write up for each, and links to full albums and my favourite track if I can find one, if you want to just hear what I'm talking about. Without further adieu....

1. Adventure by Madeon
Full Album
I waited years for Madeon's first release, and to me this did not disappoint. Inside the heavy influences from MGMT and Neon Indian, hides his signature production and sound that is so upbeat and happy, even on the more morose tracks like Home and Only Way Out, there's a touch of hope. Not to mention the extended version of this album features Technicolour, a song that will forever bring a smile to my face.

2. Run by Alison Wonderland
Full Album
Already Gone
Not only is Alison Wonderland a fantastic name, this Australian native puts on what are rumoured to be the highest energy live shows in years, and some truely amazing club anthems. Switching it up to a slower pace on the back half of the album, specifically Already Gone, with an amazing feature from Lido, this album has enough of everything and screams passion project.

3. Rivers & Streams by Lubomyr Melnyk
Full Album
And now for something different... This Album by Ukrainian composer/pianist has some of the most gorgeous melodies and complex note progression I've heard in a while. With the current resurgence of what is dubbed “modern Classical”, this album stands above as relaxing and captivating.

4. Every Eye Open by CHVCHES
Can't find a full stream :(
Empty Threat
Was it as good as their debut? No, but that was my favourite album of 2013, which was a pretty solid year. As much as I love their trademark synth-pop sound that shows up on the front half of this album, I can appreciate the experimentation of the slower ballads that populate the later half, and most of the risks they take work out.

5. Working Girl by Little Boots
Working Girl
This synth/disco album surprised me. I downloaded it by accident, thinking it was a Com Truise album, but I was not disappointed. I'm normally not a huge fan of pop music, but her voice and the overall theme of the album really won me over.

6 = 7 Artifaction by Void and 新しい日の誕生 by 2 8 1 4
Artifaction Sampler
恢复from 新しい日の誕生
This is the animated album artwork for 2814's album, it's cool yo
I couldn't decide between these two and Working Girl, so I included all three. These two are both entirely instrumental albums, the first a high octane J-Trance album that reeks of touhou and DDR. The second, what Vapourwave could have been. Not to mention, The Birth of a New Day, the English translation of the title, has really cool animated album artwork.

Top EPs of 2015

In no order

Red Balloon Project by Skizzy Mars
Like This
Not that the subject matter is anything new, but he puts it so charmingly that I can't help but love this EP, close to my most played thing in the last 365.

Pryda (Vol. I-III) by Eric Prydz
These three extended plays are a collection of previously unreleased tracks by Swedish legend Prdya. Hella prog-house, and makes me excited for more Swedish house music. Honourable mention goes to Opus, a single he put out that I group with these three volumes.

Jonwayne is Dead by Jonwayne
Minerals & Gems
Experimental Hip-Hop has really taken off in the last few years, and Jonwayne hasn't quite hit it big yet, but his lyrics are no less good. It takes a while to get into the off beat delivery he uses, but once you get used to it, it's fire.

Late entry from 2014
Christmas in Jersey by Hoodboi
Need U
This EP came out once I was already visiting my parents in 2014, and I didn't have a chance to listen to it until I got back home. I then proceeded to play it obsessively, NEED U was by far my most played track of 2015. It and the rest of the tracks are full of fantastic samples, his sound is decidedly “future”.


Apologies for my yearly dose of music nerd. This one was even more wordy than usual.

Feel free to post yours, or comment/flame mine. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Re: Album of the Year 2015
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Corpo-Mente exceeded my already high expectations from Igorrr, it was pretty much Tout Petit Moineau extended to a full album.

Peste Noire - La Chaise-Dyable was great as well.
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