Author Topic: English dub with thai subs?  (Read 469 times)

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English dub with thai subs?
« on: February 22, 2016, 11:24:04 pm »
Hey guys. I'm wondering if anyone knows where to get Thai subtitle files (are dual subs possible in vlc?), or english dub/thai subbed anime. It can be anything. My gf's level of english is low, but she loves anime.

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Re: English dub with thai subs?
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2016, 09:49:02 am »
Finding Thai subs would be very difficult. However, making it is easy using Aegisub. (You'll translate it yourself)
For the dual subs, I don't think it's possible. However, using Aegisub, you can edit the subtitle to show both English and Thai subs (either one on top and one on bottom)

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Re: English dub with thai subs?
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2016, 10:26:35 am »
For some reason, Thai-subbed anime is relatively common on youtube. Maybe it is better to ask about the sources in the comments.

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Re: English dub with thai subs?
« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2016, 07:29:22 pm »
While I'm a huge supporter of studying from movies and TV shows for language learning, I'd actually caution against what you and your girlfriend are currently looking for. I think it would be better to study from content that was originally produced/dubbed in English and that comes with closed captions or that you can find transcripts for. The language will be more natural and idiomatic, she'll learn more about the culture in English-speaking countries, and the voice acting will generally be better.

There is a ton of excellent English-language programming. I think Japan produces far more interesting animation than North America and other English-speaking areas generally do, but she might still be able to find some stuff that will interest her. Personally, I loved ReBoot when I watched it while it was airing here in Canada, so I would recommend that. I think it's closer to Japanese anime in a way than a lot of other Western animation. And Aeon Flux also looks really cool, although I haven't watched it. There are also lots of great children's TV series, although those might be too young for her.

If you and your girlfriend are able to acquire the video files and subtitle files that you need (e.g., through KAT, rutracker, etc.), you can do all sorts of amazing things with them in terms of studying. For instance, you can use subs2srs in conjunction with an SRS (spaced repetition software) program like Anki to create electronic flashcards based on her favourite English-language videos. subs2srs also includes a utility that will automatically create bilingual subtitles for you -- it calls them 'Dueling Subtitles'. :D

EDIT: Really, English learners are basically the luckiest bunch I think. There's a huge amount of amazing native English-language media that comes with exact or near-exact captions, plus things like Hollywood movies and popular English-language TV shows often get subbed into a huge number of languages. You can usually find these subtitle files online through Googling or checking subtitle search engines.

The stuff you can do with the software that the online language learning community has developed is really incredible. For instance, you can create your own personalized corpora based on your favourite content, e.g. English-language closed captions or text-based novels that you've immorally acquired. ;p You can then use these to create your own frequency lists that are specifically tailored towards improving your knowledge of the lexicon used in the media that you'll primarily be consuming. Maybe take a look at ja-minimal and try to apply the principles and methodology suggested therein, of course adapting it to the needs of an English learner instead.
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Re: English dub with thai subs?
« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2016, 05:20:44 am »
As an aside, in my opinion the absolute best of (relatively) recent American TV animation was "The Last Airbender".  While - just like most animation these days that isn't Disney or Pixar - most of the animation is done in Taiwan and/or Korea, it's directly storyboarded/produced in English for an American audience, and the writers are all native speakers.  The animation, story, pacing, characters are all VERY good, in my opinion.  Don't let the simply abominable live-action movie turn you away; you won't be sorry, I promise.  I think it would be an enjoyable way for you to do what Morellet is suggesting; in fact, the creators of the series specifically wanted to make an "American anime".  I think they exceeded all expectations.

It's not really exactly what either of you were talking about, but there have been a LOT of shows done by oriental animators for specific foreign audiences, especially the US and France.  Some of them are pretty damn good, too!  There are many more good examples, but a few I'm fond of are:
- "Exosquad"(US).  This series had, among other things, a realistic depiction (sans actual gore; it was a Saturday AM show - lol) of the casualties of war, with many characters dying during the narrative.  No "A-Team" piling out of the helicopter after it explodes, then hits a mountain, nope! ::).  The animation is pretty decent, too; sort of a "Star Blazers" aesthetic, but with more traditionally Western character designs.  Think "GI Joe" meets "Star Blazers", sort of.
- "Wakfu" (Fr).  Especially for the 1st season, this "anime" (based on an MMORPG, amazingly, and NOT terrible :o) is beautifully animated in an unusual style, has a great story, and is often absolutely hilarious.  I had to learn to not drink soda while watching this series, unless I wanted a nicely carbonated sinus cleanse!  It also neatly avoids just about every misogynistic anime trope; the female characters are just as (in)capable and (im)mature as anyone else, and there's NO ultrasonic squealing or underage panty shots ;D .  I like anime and its tropes, mind you, but it's refreshing to see this once in a while.
- "Oban: Star Racers" (Fr).  Another French "anime" with a rather unusual visual style.  More serious than Wakfu, it still gets a LOT of good mileage out of what would seem to be a pretty simple plot, at 1st glance.  This series' main character is female and once again, it's treated astonishingly well, at least from the perspective of most Japanese anime.


If you want to learn a foreign language using anime and subs, I believe the best way to do so would be to go get the translated transcript of the entire show and use only the original, raw audio and video.  In fact, this is how anime was mainly distrusted in the US, "back in the day", with a little translated booklet of time-coded dialogue.  It makes your brain work just a skosh more; I actually know 3 different people who taught themselves (basic but completely workable) spoken Japanese this way.  I think you'll enjoy it at least as an additional tool, if not your main method of learning the language.
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