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Wrath of the Ninja
« on: June 30, 2016, 09:28:30 am »
Decided to watch this, went looking around and noticed BakaBT has RaX release.
I looked around to see what else there was and found SSP-Corp.
Their torrent was dead on Nyaa but I managed to get it via an XDCC bot in their IRC channel.

So, it still has issues as can be seen in the screenshot, but it's also clearly better than RaX.

SSP-Corp is 10-bit and has vob & srt full dialogue subs and  AAC audio.
RaX is 8-bit and has only srt full dialogue subs and Vorbis audio.

Anyhow here is the comparison:

Couldn't find COR or ZX's releases anywhere that was still obtainable. However ZX apparently split the movie into two parts and was 384p DivX with mp3 audio so that already sounds worse than RaX. COR used 70kbps AAC audio, which imo is really low too.

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