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I was curious if anyone else has been watching this series. I've seen the first 10 episodes via KidSuite, a service in Canada distributed OnDemand by both Bell and Rogers. I hope to finish all 26 by the end of December when it's set to expire.

I was curious if anyone knew of any Japanese-language raws out there that could possibly be translated/subtitled by a group in the future. I'm watching it with the English audio but anyone who watches long enough will realize... something seems rather off about it.

If you watch the on-screen events and body language, combined with the absurdity of some of the comments, it becomes apparent the English voice cast / directors are probably having some fun and going way off-script. It certainly has some humorous results for viewers who catch on to it (I think it would just confuse children though) but it leads me wanting to watch a more serious airing of the show, which I imagine is only present in Japanese audio.

I'm guessing this is done to try and lighten the tone because the show actually has a lot of dark/scary depressing moments in it. The contrast of some of the quips just leave you feeling weird. To give an example, I'm in the middle of episode 11 and Toby's family has been turned to stone... he's freaking out, and the chef offers to cook him some food to make him feel better... except all the ingredients he lists are stuff like "stone corn" and the like.

According to in Japan it is called 魔豆奇伝パンダリアン  (Madou ki-den pandarian) with the kanji apparently meaning something like 'Maiden Beauty'.

MXTV calls it Pandarian:

Although we have hosted some English dubs before, I can see avoiding that due to Funimation's involvement (even though it's been out for 12 years) but if a group did fansub some Japanese audio versions, could we host that?

I would be really interested in hearing that. In particular, if we could host the English dubs, if we could somehow get a dual audio version so it is possible to read the English subtitles translating the Japanese audio concurrently with hearing the English audio, it would be easy to discern the constant off-script tomfoolery that is probably happening.

According to one episode was done by Chopstick and 7 by Ani-Kraze in 2006. I did some digging in their forum archives to try and find the announcement but it was too early:

nyaa 110528 has a batch added in 2010 by inactive, I don't see any active seeders but it says there were 324 downloads so there might be copies circulating...

nyaa 579958 is a more recent torrent from 2014 by hokuto_san. It is purportedly 7 episodes too, but rather than individual files is some massive MP4 file. It does appear to have 1 active seeder and 712 downloads though, so even though the distinct Ani-Kraze files are desirable, this could be a second choice if we can't find them.

I would like to propose since this show hasn't seen any subbing work in a decade, that Baka consider possibly hosting a partial-series batch of these 7 episodes, so at least some of it can be enjoyed in its Japanese form instead of the jokey weird-dialogue English version.

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Edit: Dec 26 update

In October someone added the original Japanese ending music for the show :

It is much nicer sounding than the ending music in the English, which is basically just a lyricless version of the opening music.

If anyone wants to see the first episode of the dub, I did a simple version of it here

I could possibly go ahead and do the rest the same way but I may not have enough time to do it before Jan 1st. Would be easier if Kid's Suite ends up renewing it.

I'd just like to know if I should bother putting together a baka offer or if Funimation's involvement in the dubbing (although I think it's primarily Nelvana who owns the NA rights) would veto that and destine it for the blacklist.
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Re: Pandalian / PandaMonium / Pandarian (26 episode series from 2004)
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Is it listed on Funimation website? Who has home video rights?

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Re: Pandalian / PandaMonium / Pandarian (26 episode series from 2004)
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It's not listed on Funi's rights page, so it should be fine. Only Funi licenses are off limits.