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Dragon Age Xbox compatibility
« on: January 13, 2017, 03:44:15 pm »
I didn't see a thread started in here BUT has anyone who plays an Xbox heard that Dragon Age: Origins has now become BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE?!?!?!?

As soon as I heard the news, I told my husband, that he was going to be kicked off from playing Final Fantasy 15. LOL!!!!! No I'm joking....maybe....but I'm so freaking happy that they finally released it compatible. Dragon Age: Origins is one of my favorite games to play. Its one of those games along with Skyrim that I have a copy of both of on my computer (to mod my characters) and also for the console because I have this desire to get Xbox achievements.

I told my husband the game actually looks somewhat surprisingly NICE on the Xbox one and my husband commented thats because on the Xbox One they UPSCALE the graphics so thats why the game looks smoother than when I first played it when it came out, My friend said he would be more happier if Bioware came out with a REMASTER for Dragon Age as opposed to Bethesda who came out with a remaster for Skyrim. From his POV he said he was disappointed with the Skyrim remaster which I personally thought looked great (but then again I was happy with the remaster because I could finally MOD out my character and the game) when you initially couldn't.

Anyway sorry to get off topic. I didn't mean to. Just wanted to know your thoughts and to let you guys know of the backwards release. As for Dragon Age 2 (even if most people hated the game) Bioware didn't announce whether that was backwards compatible yet they just said Origins was compatible.