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File naming standard for manga
« on: February 13, 2017, 06:46:28 pm »

Recently I've decided to give manga a try again. I did read couple in the past from Baka (Kimi ni Iru Machi, Suzuka, Love Hina), and couple short ones online. Yesterday I have downloaded three more; 87 Clockers, Doll's Folklore, Kuro(Samato) (I kind of love romcoms/slice of life like this).
Names of manga itself are not very important, what's inside that bugs me. Given the superb quality and strict guidelines of any any anime releases, I thought it was weird to find it like that. Files inside are like named without any order or standard, there are four types of naming convention in 87 Clockers:

87 Clockers_Volume1
87 Clockers_Volume02 - additional 0 (just visually, sorting still ok)
87 Clockers_Chapter33 - chapter not packed in Volume
87 Clockers-_30 - chapter not packed in Volume, missing word "Chapter", additional dash

For Kuro(Samato):
0113-0115 - additional number
KURO 0057-0112 - word KURO which destroys the order

You get it, this is normal for majority of manga I've downloaded from bakabt (as I mentioned earlier, that's just handful, but I can't believe I'm so unlucky). This cause any sorting to be pointless, reading by simple viewing pictures after unziping is impossible, as names of the files (not folders or zips), are even more unstandardized.

And now, maybe there are software that detects order on its own, and let me read it without renaming it on my own? I Googled a few and I've tried ComicRack & Manga Meeya, and they can't detect it, sure they read through unziped files, which is more handy, but they still detect "Chapter" first because of its alphabetical order. Sure, if there is <10 files in the folder, I can do that, but sometimes there are hundred more.

So again, should there be any restriction to how particular manga upload should look like in terms of file naming, or should I (or we) just suck it up and do it manualy (or make a script, I remember doing something in PowerShell long time ago), for every manga we download? I remember I used to transfer files to my very old and cranky tablet, but it is impossible without fiddling with names on PC beforehand.

What is your way of dealing with this?
Does it even bother you?

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Re: File naming standard for manga
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2017, 12:40:56 am »
We have one essential guideline for pretty much anything: keep original files and keep them as easy to seed as possible. Usually that means keeping the original file names. We do have naming standards for manga, depending on the format the manga was released in. The rules outlined in the wiki are fairly detailed.

Applying them to the two examples you mentioned here:
-87 Clockers could technically be renamed. Go and bug Hatsune4505 about it. Since original files are still available though keeping them is just as good.

-Kuro(Somato): Renaming here isn't as straightforward. We have two groups, uncredited files which are in line (naming wise) with the second group and the first group with an inconsistent naming scheme. I assume it's this way because of how it was released.
-116-124 are from the uncredited source and is later used by Kokushoku scans
-0113-0115: is actually "Kuro 0113-0115", the second naming scheme used by Boon Scanlations (preceded by "Kuro 0057-0112")

We will likely maintain the policies outlined in the wiki post, any deviations will be decided on a case by case basis.

As for reading: Personally I just use numbered folders and sort the files before reading (of course I copy the files to a seperate folder to keep seeding them.), and no it hardly bothers me. I'm just glad to find the manga nicely collected in one place.

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Re: File naming standard for manga
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2017, 05:49:09 pm »
Sorry for my absence, I was unexpectedly away from my PC, and I didn't want to respond from my crappy mobile.

I had a look at the Wiki, and I didn't realise that what is made by content creator is more important, their release content is almost sacred, it seems fair to be honest. I always thought that uploader can freely rename files for the clarity and quality of upload, but does not do that just because of laziness/no standard/w.e.

But I can see now that renaming might be considered as taking credit from content creators, it seems like it's not much, but then where do you cross the line.

I also found, that I was quite unlucky, because naming problem occurs, most of the time, when more than one group is translating manga, and I apparently got 6 or 7 manga with dual (or more) translations, out of 11 as my first manga.
Thus my topic.