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Average upload speeds?
« on: February 22, 2017, 06:45:01 am »
Hi everyone I'm new here so please take it easy.
With that said I do like this site a lot and the community hear seams amazing as well.

Anyways my question is what are an average upload/seeding speed? And yes I know it depends on what speed is provided to your computer (obviously) and the seed/leecher ratio.
My upload speed that I'm paying for is 10 mb/s (with speedtest I reach 11.36 mb/s). Now I know that 10 mb/s = 1.25 MB/s.
So shouldn't my upload speed should be able to reach (or close to reach) that? Assuming that the leechers can download that fast or faster. Or is that not how this works?

Anyways the reason why I'm asking is because my upload speed goes between nothing and 20 kB/s but it mostly stays around 3 kB/s. Now the seed/leech ratio isn't the best so this might be normal for this site? Maybe I'm just used to see huge numbers since my download speed goes up to 10MB/s.

Anyways here's some pictures on it and some settings.

Not sure what's needed of my settings I have never been concerned about my upload speed until now.

Anyways if you guys are tired of seeing new members ask about upload speed than feel free to turn this into a upload speed bragging thread.  :laugh:

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Re: Average upload speeds?
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2017, 07:23:07 am »
Exercise:  Choose any BakaBT torrent.  Count the number of seeders.  Count the number of leechers.  See the problem?  Nearly every torrent on BakaBT is overseeded, more often than not heavily so.

The only reliable free solution is simply seeding as much as possible constantly, for as long as possible, thus increasing your chances of being picked by peers to upload a morsel of data.  To achieve steady upload traffic of any sort, you'll probably need 20+ seeding (in "Force start" mode) torrents, and you'll likely need 100+ to maximize most 5-7 Mbit cable upload pipes.  If you're using FiOS, say, and have symmetrical up- and download, you'll need even more.

You can further maximize your ratio for free by:
  • Downloading and seeding "Freeleech" material, which gives you upload credit but "costs" nothing.
  • Sorting the browse list by first seeders, then leechers, so you can choose less overseeded material.
  • Downloading popular stuff.  Try the entire Captain Harlock family of content, for example, for relatively reliable traffic.  Never remove a popular torrent from your upload queue!
  • Farming "Bonus torrents" for "Bonus points", which can be exchanged for positive ratio.
  • Attaining and keeping "Power User" status, which, among other small perks, allows you to download new torrents in the initial "protected" period, which allows you to get a jump on the competition.  You're pretty much guaranteed to see positive ratio out of any protected torrent, if it's even remotely popular.
  • Don't ignore manga and/or hentai of any sort, artbooks, and OSTs.  They tend to be small but you can see startling amounts of positive traffic, nonetheless.
You can also donate for upload credit or use the services of a "seedbox", as paid alternatives.  I'll note, however, that the ONLY method I have ever employed is the very first:  Seed as much as you can constantly, as long as you can.  My current ratio is 3.561 (U: 8966 GB, D: 2518 GB, maybe up to 100 GB from bonus points), so it is possible for free, I promise, unless you need the security of a seedbox or have very little and/or unreliable bandwidth.

Remember also, that BakaBT is not a private tracker; ratio is for community e-peen and/or directly measuring your own contributions here, nothing more ^^' ; it doesn't matter any more than post count or other silliness.  If you find you cannot support carrying a ratio, simply don't; lose the stress, no one will care, and you'll still be welcome on the forums, I promise.  Find whatever content, log out, and then download the torrent, or use Google to search for it while logged out ("inurl:bakabt {content name}"), as you have to be logged in to search using the site itself.  It is still good manners, however, to seed to 100% if at all possible, even on public torrents.
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Re: Average upload speeds?
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2017, 07:57:09 am »
Thanks for the answer  :) I thought there might be some problem with my connection or something.
I'm glad that isn't the case and yes I did download some Freeleech that I then seeded. Though now I wonder why my ratio isn't going up? I made a post about it already in the Ratio and Stats Problem thread. You might have seen it already.

Also I thought you wouldn't be able to download from here anymore if you got banned. But maybe that rarely happens?

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Re: Average upload speeds?
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2017, 09:55:08 am »
Upload speeds are usually inversely proportional to the S/L ratio. The higher the S/L ratio, the lower the possible upload speed one could attain.

As for the reason why your ratio isn't going up, I'm quite sure it's because you're not uploading at all. Just because it says seeding doesn't necessarily mean you're uploading anything.

Now the seed/leech ratio isn't the best..?
It's the exact opposite.
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