Author Topic: ***MUST READ*** New Torrent Requests  (Read 22844 times)

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***MUST READ*** New Torrent Requests
« on: August 08, 2005, 08:24:25 am »
This section is strictly for requesting:

  • Anime Series/OVAs/Movies
  • Anime OSTs
  • Manga
  • Hentai
  • Official Artbooks

The following are only allowed IF AND ONLY IF there is a related anime/manga.

  • Live-Action
  • Game and Live-Action OSTs

Some things NOT allowed

  • INCOMPLETE SERIES. This includes incompletely aired or subbed. Use AniDB to check before requesting.
  • Doujinshi (Artbooks and manga MUST be official)
  • Games (Not even anime-related, anime-style)
  • ISOs (Even if DVD rips of anime)
  • Anything which is blacklisted on the wiki page.
  • Re-encodes of existing material or proposals thereof.

See the Format Preferences article on the wiki for more information.

How do I request something from the list above?
Simply start a new thread stating what you want to request. Please be as detailed as possible.

  • Tell us the type of media it is - anime movie, anime series, manga, live action, etc.
  • Provide a link to relevant sources - generally AniDB for anime and Baka-Updates for manga.
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