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Dattebayo Fansubs
« on: May 05, 2011, 09:46:02 am »
Okay so Dattebayo did not like other sites, including BakaBT, hosting their subs. But now their site has been taken down and it seems like they have been disbanded. Does this mean that BakaBT will now consider hosting Dattebayo releases?

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Re: Dattebayo Fansubs
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Quote from: Duki
This among other things, plus most of their releases are pretty well seeded, and easily available so not much reason for us to bother dealing with them. If the group dies, or the releases become hard to obtain we will likely take the releases which would be considered best or only available group...

As far as I know, their channel is still up.

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Re: Dattebayo Fansubs
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I knew nothing of the outside world. I was just a frog in a well.