Author Topic: Fairy Tail Season 1 <1-48> and Season 2 <49-48> and 3 OVAs  (Read 9278 times)

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Fairy Tail Season 1 <1-48> and Season 2 <49-48> and 3 OVAs
« on: April 29, 2012, 03:50:31 am »
I didn't want to clutter the site by posting a new item; since it's been covered before.

Previous Discussions : 
Fairy Tail Comparison Thread
Since these are posted I'd Like to offer a BETTER version; since i need the bonus points.
Incorrectly COLLECTED 49-96

[Kyuubi]_Fairy_Tail_OVA_01_DVD_[480p][30978E5E].mp4 before 78
[Kyuubi]_Fairy_Tail_OVA_02_DVD_[480p][BD5C2EAF].mp4 before 85
[Kyuubi]_Fairy_Tail_OVA_03_DVD_[480p][A5AAD800].mp4 before 120

I'd like a Green light to Upload these Torrents; So i can start working on the upload page.

And i can Start a New Topic on Asking HELP on making my Upload page

Fairy Tail Season 2

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Re: Fairy Tail Season 1 <1-48> and Season 2 <49-48> and 3 OVAs
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2012, 04:10:37 am »
Seriously? You reported your own post to get attention even though you only posted an hour ago?! Not to mention you posted in an irrelevant thread too! This thread is about manga, not anime! AND that thread is from 2009! Way to read the fucking rules! Well done on pissing me off. You better tread lightly around me in future =_="

Anyway, breaking rules aside, first, do explain why it's incorrectly collected.

Second, you're not a power user. How do you intend to offer them?

Third, Season 1 is BLACKLISTED.

Fourth, it is the responsibility of the current torrent owner to update the torrent to include new files. This is specific to the OVAs by the way. I just messaged the current owner, Royalnaga to ask him what's taking him so long from updating the torrent, since people commented almost a month ago asking for a swap to update the torrent.

Split from previous topic.
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 :-\ Wiki is not an official Listing and the Seasons is Cycled Every October - September.

I Thought having 25G upload would make a consideration and Would like to start making the upload site.  :P :-[

Thanks didn't know season 1 was blacklisted; At least this post would have Informational Record in this issue.

P.S. does this mean this uploaders form is for manga?
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Re: Fairy Tail Season 1 <1-48> and Season 2 <49-48> and 3 OVAs
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2012, 05:01:27 am »
No. The original thread that you posted in is for the manga not for the anime. Southrop was kind enough to split your reply from the torrent so that people would not get confused.

From what I am looking at, apart from missing that 1 OVA the Fairy Tail torrents have no need to change in any other way. Care to explain how you are intending to change them if you were apart from the addition of that OVA 3?

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oh! was thinking of Adding Season1 but since it's blacklisted i'll pass on the subject.

Season2 is in question of the episodes that are included.

OVA is just to keep consistent of having 3 OVAs by the same group. and possible to merge or split them separate.