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Forum/Thread Games / Re: Fitting song.
« Last post by froody1911 on Today at 04:30:37 pm »
Soundtrack to behaving unreasonably with people close to you

Need Help? Ask Here / Re: My country block bakabt tracker
« Last post by Bozobub on Today at 03:44:39 pm »
Then it IS a DNS-level block, that simple.
Need Help? Ask Here / Re: Āµtorrent, site doesn update my stats
« Last post by Al_Sleeper on Today at 02:16:06 pm »
Tracker stats are updated once every 30 minutes.
Gaming / Re: Mass Effect 4: Andromeda. Release date: March 21, 2017
« Last post by Tiffanys on Today at 01:18:34 pm »
Oh my god. I just discovered there's an e-mail terminal ON THE BRIDGE.
General Discussions / Re: What's the last movie you watched?
« Last post by Johnny D on Today at 11:58:54 am »
Yes, I remember that movie, I think I've seen it twice on a german TV channel, Pro 7 probably. Good movie.
Now... let's see what I've just watched in the last week or so... which ones would deserve mentioning... hmmm...

IP Man 3 2015 7/10 - Donnie Yen movie, good but not as good as IP Man 1 & 2 (7.5/10), which wore solid kung fu combined with drama movies.
Rogue One 2016 6/10 - This one reminded me about IP Man as it has Donnie Yen in it. Well, I've got issues with this movie.
1st of all, I didn't understand how the empire didn't know about the death star's data leakage, it was obvious;
2nd of all, the image of a kung fu Donnie here didn't quite go well, at times you could see him with that goofy humble chinese laugh so specific for kung fu movies. I mean that makes you ponder am I watching a kung fu movie or a SF saga here!? WTF!? In the end, if you subvert your mind off his ching grin, although it didn't quite go well with an over sized SF saga such as Star Wars, it didn't hurt it either.
3nd of all, and most of all the image of that general that also plays same role in 1st Star Wars movie: A New Hope is absolutely shit. He played the role 40 years ago and was old so obviously he is long time dead now, so what did they do? They made a CGI of him for the Rogue One movie as the story couldn't unfold without his presence. The CGI is absolutely horrid, it reminds me of Ajin, Berserk or New DBZ, I mean you can see his eyes rolling all over in one scene when he's talking to someone, you just can't catch those damn eyes to focus on the person he's talking to, it's really a bad joke. If Pixar or the guys that did The Jungle Book saw this, they wore laughing their ass off Lucas's film works for this!
Soldier 1998 8/10 - Seen it again, yep. Great movie, one of the best B rated movie ever just like Christian Bale's Equilibrium. If 7 years have passed since you last seen it, it's already too much time. Some say it's similar to Blade Runner just not as good. Fuck that! Blade Runner bored the fuck out of me, this is super entertaining and done with 1/10 of the money! Brilliant!
The Town 2010 7/10 - Ben Affleck and that Arrow-avenger guy, can't remember his name. Solid movie, less solid ending. Works.
Grimsby 2016 7/10 - OMFG, there are 2-3 scenes in this movie that will make you piss your pants. I mean, the elephants scene... Jesus Christ! :laugh:
Jack Reacher 2 2016 6.5/7 - Goodish, not as good as the 1st. Average Tom Cruise Movie, he's over 50 but he's still got it.
Mission Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation 2015 7/10 - Yep, he's still got it! ;)
I, Daniel Blake 2016 7.5/10 - About an english bloke in his later years and his hardships in life. And about how he calls things right as they are, a straight shooter! I definitely enjoyed this guy, he's a guy you'd love to be pals with! Good movie, indeed. In heinsight, he should have fucked that good lucking woman, but such a deed is much beneath him of coarse.
Lala Land 2016 6.5/10 - Movie of the year!? Yeh right. The movie was saved a bit by the ending, it's deep meaning for one's life, in what if!? But the rest of it... the music was blatantly mediocre, the dancing had a real note of corny attached to it, and the 1st scene of the movie!? WTF was that!? 90% of all people who will even attempt to watch this movie will stop just there! I mean, who in his right mind would start dancing in a traffic jam!? That as a viewer if anything annoys you even more as you've been there countless times and instead of people fist fighting, not dare you dream knocking each others sculls with a bat, what do they do? They burst into dance! In in that moment, life as no meaning, you want to just die and take those ass holes that make a complete mockery of your life with you to Hell. Lunecy. If you somehow get over that scene, the movie it's not a complete waste of time. But God, is it hard!
Moonlight 2016 7.5/10 - Not as hot as LaLa Land in critiques eye, but declared movie of the year. And by good reason. Samuel L. Jackson had a tear pouring down his cheek when he filmed the trophy awarding, and after I saw the movie, I understood why. 1st 10 mins of the movie aren't that shavy, but if you manage to get through them, you congratulate yourself for doing so. If you are an adult, I might add. It's not a movie for children or early teens. The movie is devided into 3 chapters:
i.little - 9/10
ii.chiron - 7/10 - 6/10
I rated each chapter, as for me the 1st one stood out of the entire movie as sheer brilliance, the rest wore just good or mediocre. The last 2 minutes of the 1st chapter are nothing short of Godlike, the dialogue between Little and Juan although in short and far between sentences is just bestial, and it ends with Juan the drug dealer in tears. Leaves you with tears in your eyes and a shiver down your backspine, one of the greatest movie scenes ever, in my view. Excellent. For that scene alone it was probably designated the best movie of 2016! :laugh: :D
Assassin's Creed 2016 8/10 - This is bit subjective, the movie wouldn't deserve this mark but I am a nostalgic because I have played a bit of the game on which this movie is based on. There are real life flash backs into the past in these movies, the preset being shit but the past flashback scenes are awesome. 2 stand tall in these movie:
1. When the assassins 1st make their appearance, they are filmed from the back as they look similar just one distinction: their weapons. The way they move, absolutely calme although they know there's an almost certain chance of death. As they wore up against an army, just 5-6 assassins all. But they had no choice to avoid the fight. Plot of the scene: a templar knight with an army cought up the sultan's kid who was a retainer of the assassins creed. The templar took the boy out of the family who harbored him, ordered that every member of that family to be hanged in front of the head of the family, then the whole village to be burned. That minute in which all happens and the assassins that mingle with the general scared folk about to unleash themselves over the army is pure gold, gives you the shivers. A hand of assassins against an army "Our life has no meaning, only the creed! We work in the dark, to save the light! Nothing is true, everything is permitted!" :-X
2. The execution site escape, just as good as in the game if not better. One of the best scenes I've seen in years. Just awesome. OMG, the way Aguilar and his wife/girlfriend or whatever she was, moved in that scene, the last 2 assassins alive escaping from a papal-trapped full of army town, makes you wanna go out for jogging too, even attempts at some failed parkour why not!? You could only break your neck, no danger involved. :laugh:
The rest of the movie is right down mediocre but those 2 scenes make up for it in my view, and how! What I found particularly fine was the fact that in the movie the spanish used was very clean, very original. Not an american splashed spanish, but a truly spaniard spoken spanish. As an european I know the difference, every european knows some spanish, come on!? :happy:

Those who don't believe I am getting close to 10k movies watched, better check your math again. There are no 2 people alike in this world.
Forum/Thread Games / Re: Screenshot Battle!
« Last post by Krudda on Today at 11:41:14 am »
Gaming / Re: Mass Effect 4: Andromeda. Release date: March 21, 2017
« Last post by blackhole on Today at 11:38:54 am »
I don't think they would send anyone like that to Andromeda.
And that should keep you in good shape, I hear you like your ass so move it XD

I think Dr. Slump could do well, but Kochikame's humor is uniquely Japanese, so that particular series would have trouble here.

With all due respect, i think you are wrong.

Some episodes of Kochikame were aired in my country sometime ago, in our regional language.

And it is total humor... a lil bit informative rarely.. ...But never felt anything particularly japanese
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